Third Bluemed Knowledge Awareness Centre opened in Crotone

The inauguration of the third Knowledge Awareness Centre (KAC) for underwater museums and diving tourism took place on the 18th of December 2019, in Crotone, Italy, bringing added value and raising the level of tourism in such MED area. Crotone will improve diving tourism thanks to the innovative project BLUEMED.

The KAC has been set up within the Archaeological Museum of Capo Colonna (Crotone), located at the entrance of the homonym Archaeological Park of “Capo Colonna”, also known as “Cape Lacinio” because of the Sanctuary dedicated to the goddess Hera. The mission of the Italian KAC is to offer an innovative educational experience to visitors, linking the traditional museum exhibitions to technology, to diving and to the knowledge of underwater cultural heritage. Users will be entertained by the staff that will guide them in visiting all sections of the museum. Also they will be able to enjoy the visit autonomously with easy access to information and multimedia devices offering different opportunities, suitable for all ages.

Before the KAC inauguration a conference was held; the Prof. Fabio Bruno from UNICAL welcomed the participants together with the coordinator of the underwater activities, Dr. Salvatore Medaglia, and a special focus was put on the final results achieved by the project. Then a round table attended by several stakeholders and experts in underwater archaeology and cultural heritage field was held. The Director of the “Polo Museale della Calabria, Dr. Antonella Cucciniello and a member of the “Soprintendenza Archeologia, belle arti e paesaggio per le province di Catanzaro, Cosenza e Crotone”, Dr Lino Traini, talked about conservation and protection of underwater cultural heritage as necessary tools to enjoy these archaeological artefacts over time.

In addition, the Director of the “Museo e Parco Archeologico Nazionale di Capo Colonna”, Dr. Gregorio Aversa, and the Responsible of the MPA Capo Rizzuto, Dr Simone Scalise, outlined the importance of synergy and collaboration among the multidisciplinary Team and Researchers involved in the project where research, innovation and technology transfer will be focused on the common goal of sharing and integrating knowledge.

The Capt. Bartolo Taglietti, Commander of the „Nucleo Carabinieri Tutela Patrimonio Culturale di Cosenza“, underlined the importance of spreading knowledge about our underwater archaeological heritage starting from young people, making dissemination activities in schools. Finally Prof. Mauro La Russa, from UNICAL, and expert in the field of Cultural Heritage presented a new European Project, MAGNA, showing its close connection with the BLUEMED project.

The conference and round table ended with KAC inauguration and a Virtual Dive Experience forparticipants who tested a new Virtual Reality System, exploring the 3D reconstruction of several underwater archaeological sites, pilots of BLUEMED.