International Conference in Management of Accessible Underwater, Cultural and Natural Heritage Sites: “Dive in Blue Growth” 
17-18 October 2019 Athens, Museum of Acropolis, Auditorium 

BLUEMED project with the support of the Med Sustainable Tourism Community are organizing the International Conference in Management of Accessible Underwater Cultural and Natural Heritage Sites, “Dive in Blue Growth”.

Coastal areas and islands of the Mediterranean are tourism-based economies with important natural and cultural assets that are located underwater and, because of their geomorphic characteristics, are vulnerable to the impacts of extreme climatic conditions. They are faced with common challenges: a) lack of coordinated policies, methods and tools, adapted to support sustainable economic development, b) ineffective protection of their underwater natural and cultural heritage and inability to use it as an asset for sustainable and responsible tourism development, c)in sufficient measures to tackle impacts of extreme climatic conditions.

Within the framework of sustainable tourism in Med area, the Conference is an opportunity for underwater archaeologists, public organizations, local governments and authorities, universities, marine researchers, NGOs, tourist organizations, management authorities of diving parks, industry players in underwater technologies and dry dive experiences to exchange views on problems and solutions that are focused in underwater natural and cultural heritage. 

You could participate in the International Conference and present your scientific work in specific topics, such as  a) Management and protection of accessible Underwater Cultural Heritage (UCH) sites and UCH diving parks b) Initiatives for sustainable Blue tourism through accessible UCH sites and diving parks c) Technologies for offering dry dive experiences to non-divers.