10th OTIE International Conference on Islands Tourism - 2018 (ICIT)

The 10th OTIE International Conference on Islands Tourism was held on the 7th – 8th of September 2018, in Palermo, Italy and aimed to promote the scientific and technical exchange between international academics and experts on insular contexts in order to address efficient strategies for insular development by promoting a wide cooperation.

The conference was one of the working step of the Island Economy Working Group created in Brussels last November, 27th. The scope of both the IEWG and this conference, is to encourage the institution of an International Network of Island Contexts.

Many international researchers with expertise in various fields and coming from Universities and Research Centers of Portugal, Croatia, Italy, the Philippines, Greece, Cyprus, etc., attended the conference. Papers and presentations addressed both the theoretical, methodological, and practical aspects related with themes such as developing strategic tourism planning for European islands, economic / social / environmental / cultural impacts of tourism, effects of climate changes on seasonality and insular tourism, theoretical perspectives on sustainable tourism, tourism sustainable development for islands, culture, language and geography perspectives, etc.

In the framework of this conference, members of the BLUEMED team presented a paper entitled “Sustainable Tourism Development by Exploiting Underwater Cultural Heritage: The BLUEMED Approach”, which pointed out that enjoying underwater archaeological assets is remarkable despite the growing interest in Underwater Cultural Heritage (UCH) worldwide, and consequently innovative solutions suitable to raising public awareness and knowledge on the subject are necessary. Addressing this need, the above work, which is being developed within the BLUEMED project, aimed to identify and evaluate the potential of UCH for supporting the development of economic and sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean.