BLUEMED meeting in Thessaloniki

The BLUEMED 30 months meeting was successfully held in Thessaloniki on the 25th June 2019 at the head offices of Atlantis Consulting S.A. The partners discussed on project progress, the current issues and the future actions and steps forward towards the completion of the project by January 2020. A dedicated discussion took place, focusing on the opening of KACs in Greece, Italy and Croatia.


On the occasion of the BLUEMED 30 months meeting in Thessaloniki, Atlantis Consulting S.A. organized, on the 26th June, a European Maritime Day event in Thessaloniki, titled “One Sea. A Common Culture. A Great Future!”. The event was under the auspices of the European Commission in the context of “European Maritime Day in My Country”.  The event was held at the NOESIS Thessaloniki Science Center & Technology Museum, hosting 3 sessions of presentations and fruitful discussions on the accessibility of UCH sites, public awareness and promotion practices of Underwater Cultural Heritage, as well as, Blue Growth prospects. The event was an opportunity for BLUEMED partners, and more particularly ERDF, EUA, MIBACT, University of Cyprus, UNICAL and ATLANTIS to promote BLUEMED project through interesting presentations. You can watch the event on the following link: