Bluemed project meeting held in Dubrovnik

The two-day meeting of Bluemed partners from Greece, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, and Croatia was held this week in Dubrovnik.

On Monday, the first day of the meeting, details of the implementation of the remaining activities were agreed while in Tuesday, after discussing communication activities within the project they visited the Konavle Archaeological Museum, in which will soon be set Knowledge awareness center.

Bluemed project through activities of planning, testing and managing underwater museums, diving parks and centers for knowledge promotion aims to support the development of strategies, plans, and guidelines for a sustainable and responsible model of tourism development in coastal and island regions areas of the Mediterranean. This was the fifth project meeting since the beginning of the Bluemed project in November 2016. 

Partners presented the progress of the project and emphasized that the project is entering the final year of implementation, which carries the largest project investments. They presented the guidelines for the most important activities for project capitalization, such as training of the staff on the pilot sites and the works and setup of Knowledge awareness centers.