BLUEMED’s participation in the event “Activating cultural heritage in Interreg”

BLUEMED project, following an invitation from MED to represent it as a good example of cooperation for the preservation and enhancement of cultural heritage, had an active participation, by the Lead Partner, in the event “Activating cultural heritage in Interreg”, which was organised by INTERACT in Vienna on 5 December 2018. This networking event was organised for INTERREG programmes and projects, aiming to enable these to exchange insights with other programmes on cultural heritage in Interreg, as well as to facilitate links to additional funding opportunities and additional cooperation alternatives with other European and international organisations.

During that event BLUEMED partners had the opportunity to represent the project in the exhibition area with the following materials: a) three copies of ancient molds / findings characterizing the project’s activities and b) a Virtual Reality System (i.e. a small display with one smartphone) which allows users to live a virtual experience inside the reconstructed 3D model of the underwater site. The exhibition was accessible at the open space leading the conference room throughout the day, where participants were available to check our project.

In addition, before the first panel “Cultural heritage as an important asset for the economy”, an intervention was held by Ms. Aggeliki Veneti, project coordinator, entitled: “Cultural intervention: BLUEMED project (Interreg MED programme)”. That intervention consisted of a short introduction to the BLUEMED project, followed with a promotional video which illustrated in a more comprehensive way the motivations and goals of the BLUEMED project and helps people to understand how BLUEMED is developing new methods and strategies for the sustainable and responsible tourism in the Mediterranean Sea by exploiting the huge potential of our underwater natural and cultural heritage.