BLUEMED attended the 2nd Community Building event of the Med Sustainable Tourism Community in Athens

BLUEMED participated in the 2nd Community Building event of the Med Sustainable Tourism Community. The event was organised by the MED Sustainable Tourism Community in Athens, and was held on 4th and 5th of October 2017.

The objective of the event was to harmonise activities in terms of developing common approaches and strategies and testing approaches through pilot demonstration actions. The participants had the opportunity to exchange their approaches and methods towards sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean and work together in the two following thematic groups:

-          Strengthening sustainable and responsible tourism: Capacity building & stakeholder engagement -  Sustainability assessment - Alternative and innovative tourism models

-          Implementing innovative approaches in the Mediterranean coastal and maritime areas (Western Mediterranean, Adriatic-Ionian and Aegean-Eastern Mediterranean regions)

In addition to these thematic working groups, BleuTourMed partners aimed at discussing and agreeing with the 14 modular projects on a common declaration listing the MED Sustainable Tourism Community's priorities for the 3 years of the Community's lifetime.

Led by Panteion University, Community building main objective is to keep the community active, synthesizing and harmonising the results of the Modular Projects towards Capitalisation.

The event was open to the entire Community of Modular Projects and was divided in two-day sessions. The first day included an introductory session and two sets of working groups, as mentioned above, where the MPs were distributed in order to discuss the specific topic within the community. The second day included briefing with the INTERREG MED Programme focusing mostly on PANORAMED project and web platform. Finally, the event closed with a concluding session which included conclusions from working groups, and an invitation of the participants to other events happening later this year.

The event was a great experience for BLUEMED. It was an opportunity for us to connect with other projects in the community, to share knowledge and good practices and to adopt alternative ideas useful for the progress of the project.