THE BLUEMED PROJECT Workshop: Underwater Archeology and Sustainable Tourism

Within the framework of the BLUEMED Project, co-funded by the European Community under the transnational cooperation program INTERREG MED Program 2014-2020, the Workshop - BLUEMED Project: Underwater Archeology and Sustainable Tourism will be held on November 30th 2018, at the Lega Navale di Crotone - via Molo Sanità n 2.

The main objective of the Project is to define the guidelines and the best practices for the development of a sustainable and responsible tourism in the coastal and insular areas of the Mediterranean, focusing on the enhancement of the underwater cultural heritage.

The BLUEMED Project, of which the University of Calabria is partner, has among its pilot sites also the "Capo Rizzuto" Marine Protected Area, with the aim to enhance its numerous wrecks. For this purpose, among the project's realization objectives, a "Knowledge Awareness Center" (KAC) is envisaged: a space in which, by using multimedia technologies, visitors are offered information and contents about cultural heritage and naturalistic beauties from the depths of the Mediterranean Sea.

This will be discussed extensively during the Workshop, at which several members of the academic and research world will speak, while other representatives of the world of institutions will intervene in a Round Table that will close the event (see Agenda link).