One Sea. A Common Culture. A Great Future

BLUEMED event| European Maritime Day, 26th June, Thessaloniki, Greece

In the framework of the European Maritime Day (EMD) annual EU event, local EMD events are organized across Europe. Local EMD events are a great opportunity for  European regions with a maritime culture to exchange views and good practices on the vital role of the seas and oceans.

In this context, BLUEMED project invites you to participate in a special, one-day event, «One Sea. A Common Culture. A Great Future». The event will be held in 

Thessaloniki, Greece on the 26th of June 2019. BLUEMED is a bottom up initiative for the promotion and protection of Underwater Cultural and Natural Heritage in the 

Mediterranean Sea. The event will present views of various experts from policy makers to university professors and researchers, business representatives etc.

Three main session will take place elaborating on the following topics:

“Promotion Practices of UCH”, 

“UCH accessibility and public awareness” and 

“Blue Growth Prospects”.

Free attendance upon registration:

Stay tuned for more information… 

Looking forward to seeing you there!  

*The meeting will be held in English.

EMDT program (.pdf)