Bluemed knowledge awareness center (KAC) at the National Archaeological Museum of Capo Colonna

Press conference in the framework of the Bluemed was held on Friday 21. september at the Galleria Nazionale di Cosenza. The main reason for the conference was signing the agreement between Polo Museale della Calabria and Università della Calabria to set a Bluemed knowledge awareness center (KAC) at the National Archaeological Museum of Capo Colonna (Crotone, Italy).

Prof. Fabio Bruno, from the Dimeg Unical, leader of the project for UNICAL, reminded that BLUEMED aims to support and promote sustainable and responsible tourism development in coastal areas and islands of the Mediterranean. Special focus was put on first results from the project as well as on the presentation of the project idea for the realization of the KAC at the National Archaeological Museum of Capo Colonna (Crotone-Italy). Possible multimedia equipment solutions for the presentation of underwater sites within the KAC were also presented.

The Director of the Marine Protected Area “Capo Rizzuto”, Dr. Simone Scalise, highlighted the greatness of the ancient artifacts and wrecks lying in the underwater sites of the Calabrian Ionian coast, and the importance of this project for their valorisation. In addition, the Director of the National Archaeological Museum of Capo Colonna, Dr. Gregorio Aversa, talked about conservation and protection of underwater cultural heritage as necessary tools to enjoy these archaeological artifacts, welcoming the realization of the Knowledge Awareness Center (KAC) in the museum, under his direction.

Finally, the Rector of University of Calabria, Prof. Gino Crisci Rettore Unical, and the Director of the Polo Museale della Calabria, Dr. Angela Acordon, outlined the importance of synergy and collaboration among Institutions and Universities, where research, innovation, and technology transfer will be focused on the common goal of sharing and integrating knowledge.

The press conference ended with a Virtual Dive Experience; participants and reporters tested a new Virtual Reality System, exploring the 3D reconstruction of two underwater archaeological sites (Punta Scifo D and Cala Cicala, Crotone-Italy).