BLUEMED presented on MED Sustainable Tourism Community in Split

On the 3rd event of the MED sustainable Tourism Community held in Split (Croatia) on 27th and 28th March 2019, BLUEMED was presented and promoted together with other projects of the community: MEDFEST, EMbleMatiC, BLUEISLAND, ALTER ECO, MEDCYCLETOUR, CO-EVOLVE, CONSUME-LESS, TORISMED, CASTWATER, DestiMED, SapeTourism, SIROCCO, MITOMED+, COASTING, HERIT-DATA and INHERIT.

BLUEMED was represented by Lead Partner (RDFT) and Atlantis Consulting SA. During the event, BLUEMED partners had the opportunity to showcase, in a plenary session, the contribution of BLUEMED to the development of Sustainable Tourism in the Aegean islands, the challenges and the potential for synergies/interactions with other projects of the MED Sustainable Tourism community.

BLUEMED representatives also attended two working-group sessions "Working Group 1 - Monitoring Tourism Sustainability" and "Working Group 4 - How to address the complexity of the tourism sector, including local actors, decision makers and consumers".  Working Group participants continued the work started in Marseille in November 2018 with the facilitation of external experts. The attendance of the event was high and a fruitful collaboration among peers was achieved.