Inauguration of the two Knowledge Awareness Centres (KACs) in the Region of Thessaly, Greece

The inauguration of the first Knowledge Awareness Centre (KAC) took place on the 11th of September 2019, in Alonissos island, Sporades, Greece. Alonissos island is included in the world map of tourism with high quality features thanks to the twice awarded European project BLUEMED for the underwater museums. All who are interested may have a unique experience by visiting the Knowledge Awareness Centre (KAC). Additionally, the oldest shipwreck in the world that anyone can visit, the Peristera wreck will be open next summer attracting shipwreck and diving fans from around the world.

After Alonissos, the second Knowledge Awareness Centre (KAC) for underwater museums and diving tourism opened on the 28th of September 2019, in Amaliapolis, Volos, Greece, bringing added value and raising the level of tourism in the area. The KAC is housed in municipal offices and will offer visitors - including many students - a unique 3D virtual navigation experience in the underwater areas. Moreover, in the western Pagasetic area, three wreck sites have been identified and explored in recent years, at Cape Telegraphos and Glaros, and at Kykinthos, which will be visitable by the summer of 2020. The event was concluded with a dive to the wreck of Kykinthos, and other activities where a group of Marine Scout of Magnesia participated.

The two KACs form innovative and unique exhibition and information centers in Greece, where advanced digital technologies merge with the traditional museum practice and the dissemination and communication activities of facilities such as Visitor Centers and Info-Points. Magnesia, Western Pagasetic and Sporades will become a center for diving tourism, with the launch of the innovative project BLUEMED.