The Bluemed Plus meeting for the presentation of the tools to collect data was completed

The online meeting for the presentation of the data collection form and the questionnaires to the receiving partners was successfully done.

In the frameworks of the BlueMED Plus project, the “givers” partner of the project presented the tools implemented in these months and showed them to the “receiving” territories (Vlora Municipality, Apulia region and Budva Municipality). This step is fundamental to start collecting data from the three partners and from the stakeholders that will be involved in the project.

The data collection form, addressed to the receiving partners aims to identify, inventory and classify existing tourism resources at the pilot-sites of Bluemed Plus Project, which could be used as baseline data by decision-makers for future tourism development to promote the areas. 

The form uses evaluation criteria to identify the touristic potential of the receiving territories, considering distinct tourism aspects with a particular focus on activities related to coastal tourism (i.e. services, tourist influxes, connections to areas of interest, etc.). 

The form consists of different sections concerning the collection of statistical data and open questions addressed to partners who will manage the activities within a BlueMed Plus pilot site.

A detailed list divided into four categories of stakeholders was elaborated and four different questionnaires associated to the categories were developed and presented to the representatives of the receiving territories, which will have the role of submitting them to the stakeholders after the workshops have taken place. This phase is fundamental to provide the tools to collect data from the partners and the stakeholders involved in the project.