Why & How

BLUEMED aims to support competent government authorities develop strategies, plans and policies for local coastal and island economies of the Mediterranean region in adopting a sustainable and responsible model for tourism development. This will be achieved by planning, testing and coordinating Underwater Museums, Diving Parks and Knowledge Awareness Centres (KACs).

While respecting the principles of the protection of natural and cultural resources, the goal is to promote innovation in the diving industry and improve divers experience through innovative diving services and technologies; to attract an important part of the increasing number of people who choose diving tourism; and to introduce the wider public to underwater cultural heritage by means of 3D immersive visualization in museum exhibitions and KACs.


Coastal areas and islands of the Mediterranean are tourism-based economies with important natural and cultural assets, and due to their geomorphic characteristics, they are also vulnerable to the effects of climate change. They are faced with common challenges: a) lack of coordinated policies, methods and tools adjusted to their specific needs to support a sustainable economic development, especially in the aftermath of the global economic crisis, b) ineffective protection of their natural and cultural heritage and inability to use them as assets for a sustainable and responsible tourism development, c) insufficient measures to tackle effects of climate change. BLUEMED aims to protect and preserve in a unified manner the underwater natural and cultural heritage of selected locations of the Mediterranean, to help coastal and island economies prosper by adopting a sustainable and blue model for tourism development, and to protect the marine ecosystem of the Mediterranean