What we do

BlueMed PLUS builds on the perspective of capitalizing on relevant experiences, outputs, and results of the BlueMed project.In doing so it takes advantage of one of the main outputs of BlueMed – the Roadmap and Action Plan for taking up its multidisciplinary model, which distils the accumulated tacit knowledge, the knowhow, and most other outputs of the completed project. The chief objective of the new BlueMed PLUS project is to “transfer” the Roadmap and the Action Plan to new Med territorial “receivers”, through a process that supports knowledge systematization and decision-making and facilitates territorial uptake and ownership.

Successful “transferring” will enhance the capacity of “receivers” to operate accessible Underwater Cultural Heritage (UWCH) sites and Knowledge Awareness Centres in their territory, and promote new coastal tourist destinations as assets of regional sustainability.

The project encompasses 3 “receiver” territories in Italy, Montenegro and Albania, offering important UW cultural assets covering 2000 years of history. The potential economic development that could be generated by the promotion and valorisation of these assets through BlueMed PLUS is enormous. All 3 territories overlook S. Adriatic Sea and are well connected by ferries/ship services. This favourable geographic configuration will facilitate cooperation and sharing of best practices for sustainable touristic promotion of the UW heritage, while preserving it for the future generations

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